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Upgrade "console-log-to-workspace-plugin" to the list of available plugins in Jenkins


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      More than five years ago, Clark Boylan created an Jenkins Console Log To Workspace Plugin. This work has been the basis of at least one official plugin (AWS Cloudwatch Logs Publisher plugin) which unfortunately did not retain the original functionality.

      Unfortunately Clark's version was never made available for the public, except from in the form of "build it yourself" copy from GitHub.

      Clark Boylan's version is no longer maintained, but Devconsoft have picked up the token, and forked a new project called Console Log to Workspace Plugin. According to the  README.md, "this version strive at being the "official" version from now on (August, 2017) "- but it also looks like they intend to continue to publish in the form of a "build it yourself" copy from GitHub.

      This is a request to have this new plugin upgraded to become part of the plugins that are readily available from within Jenkins.

      My apologizes in advance if this is not the correct way to make the request, but I feel this functionality is really missing, and lots of people are struggling with various hacks to get the functionality. Personally, I use wget, but would prefer this more elegant method.

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