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Jenkins triggers wrong branch build.


      Hi guys, i have a pipeline configuration like the image attached. But I got multiple branch builds triggered when merge from master to release branch. Jenkins triggered master job and release job at the same time.

      1. I have 3 branches: master/release/production
      2. Configuration on jobs with pipeline
      3. Reproduce
        • create PR 1 to merge into master, then merge it
        • create PR 2 to merge into master
        • create PR 3 to merge from master to release
        • Jenkins will trigger 4 jobs: master/release/production/default with GHPR builder instead of trigger 1 job of PR 2

      What i expect:

      • Jenkins trigger only 1 job of PR2
      • After i merge PR2, Jenkins trigger the job of branch master
      • After i merge PR 3, Jenkins trigger the job of branch release

      Thank you

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