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No job should be taken as a reference if it is triggered by Gerrit


      The plugin is configured the following way:

      • 'Compute new warnings' is activated
      • 'Only use stable builds as reference' is activated

      The behaviour of the plugin is incorrect when following development workflow is used:

      • developer A uploads a change 'a', patch set 1 to Gerrit that fixes N warnings.
      • the job for PS1 passes in Jenkins, since we have less warnings, and this build becomes the new reference
      • developer A upload for change 'a' a patch set 2 to Gerrit where the initial N warnings are present again (he had removed them by 'mistake').
      • the job for PS2 fails, since it refers to PS1 as a reference


      In general, the same effect can be seen in various combinations: developer A and developer B upload at roughly the same time and can be blocked since e.g. developer B's job will reference non yet merged change of developer A.

      An option should be added so that no passing build that has GERRIT_CHANGE_NUMBER parameter (or similar) is taken as a reference.

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