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Lightweight checkout fails when Pipeline JenkinsFile is in a subfolder


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    • Jenkins 2.73.2
      Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin 2.2.7

      The following error appears in a build output: 

      ERROR: Could not do lightweight checkout, falling back to heavyweight
      java.io.FileNotFoundException: URL: /rest/api/1.0/projects/PROJNAME/repos/reponame/browse/devopsJenkinsfile-CI/?at=master&start=0&limit=500
      	at com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.server.client.BitbucketServerAPIClient.getRequest(BitbucketServerAPIClient.java:517)
      	at com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.server.client.BitbucketServerAPIClient.getFileContent(BitbucketServerAPIClient.java:723)
      	at com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.filesystem.BitbucketSCMFile.content(BitbucketSCMFile.java:81)

      We have the JenkinsFile within a subdirectory of the repo, not the root directory, and the job is configured the same with the Pipeline Jenkinsfile as follows:


      When pasting the path into a browser, it returns:

      {"errors":[{"context":null,"message":"The path \"devopsJenkinsfile-CI/\" does not exist at revision \"master\"","exceptionName":"com.atlassian.bitbucket.content.NoSuchPathException"}]}

      If we move the forward slash to the correct place in the URL


      Then Bitbucket server returns the contents on the file in JSON.

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