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[Input step] In a pipeline, picking a specific id force the first char to uppercase


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    • The plugin is up to date in version 2.8
      Jenkins is in version 2.73


      I have a job with a parameterized string (let's call it ID) that I want to pass to the input as the id. However, when the value of ID is for instance "foo", the corresponding URI for approval/abortion is <jenkins_url>/job/<job_name>/<build_id>/input/Foo/proceedEmpty

      For some weird reason (I found nothing in related JIRA tickets I could find but I'm not really used to JIRA),the first character has change from 'f' to 'F'.

      It is easy to make a workaround with add a number as first char (for instance 0), but it is kinda ugly.


      Is there a reason for the first character being changed to upper case ?


      Thanks in advance ! And sorry if there is a ticket already dealing with that point.





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