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git/mercurial: Remote Repository URL in pipeline job won't be updated if changed through web interface



      to reproduce the error you can do:

      1. Create a new Pipeline job
      2. In the job configuration, choose "Pipeline Script from SCM"
      3. Enter a existing git repository URL (and credentials if required) containing a Jenkinsfile
      4. Select "trigger from SCM and enter a time"
      5. Wait until job gets triggered  (I let the job fail on purpose by providing a incorrect Jenkinsfile, but for this issue I think this is irrelevant)
      6. After job got triggered go back to configuration page and change the repository URL (containing a different Jenkinsfile)
      7. Change the trigger and wait until job get triggered
      8. Now have a look at the query protocol. My protocol indicates that jenkins is still using the first repository:  
         > git.exe ls-remote -h git@oldRepository.git # timeout=10
        Found 1 remote heads on git@oldRepository.git

        The same seems to account for the other values entered through the web interface (Name and RefSpec).

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