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build queue jobs are not sorting as per the priority (I think the sorter is not called everytime the new job is added to build queue)


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    • prioritysorter-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.6

      Plugin 3.5.1

      Hello Everyone,

      New Year Wishes 

      I am not able to sort the jobs as per the priority using this plugin.


      My Requirement

      Jobs in Build Queue should sort as per the priority

      Any new job comes with priority/higher priority should run the job next on lockable resource where it can run.

      Using lockable resources in the Environment 


      Configuration I DID


      Priority Sorter
        Strategy AbsoluteFair QueuingWeighted Fair Queuing
        AbsoluteLower priority is scheduled before higher priority.  
        Number of Priorities  5
        The Update will do a linear mapping from your current priorities to the selected range.  
        Default Priority 3


        Only Admins can edit Job Priorities    
        Check if only Administrators should be allowed to view and edit the Job Priorities


       Job Priorities

      Assign Priorities by creating JobGroups. Priorities are assigned top down by first match. 


        Jobs to include All JobsJobs and Folders marked for inclusionJobs included in FolderJobs included in a View  


        Priority – use default priority --12345  
        Run Exclusive (experimental)    
      Use additional rules when assigning a priority to a Job  
          Priority Strategy
        Use Priority from Build Parameter  
        Build Parameter Name    

       Add| |




      In Jobs using the parameter to assign the priority

      This project is parameterized
      String Parameter
        Default Value  
      [Plain text] Preview 

      Add Parameter|


      Plugin behavior Observed

      Jobs are running FIFO even after above configuration and priorities in jobs

      when there are 3 jobs in build queue if i restart Jenkins, after restart only first 2 jobs are selected and sorted as per the priority (max number runs first)

      In all other cases observed  "Sorted 1 Buildable Items with Min Weight X and Max Weight X"



      Jenkins 2.6

      Plugin 3.5.1


      Please share your feedback. Thank you

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