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fingerprints with Maven jobs not always working


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      I have for one of my maven job this in Recorded Fingerprints:

      be.mteam.jade2:jade2_client-0940.2.03.jar outside Hudson 1 day 21 hr old

      clearly says that it is outside hudson...

      Netherverless Hudson detects that it is link to the Hudson job

      Downstream Projects


      which is wrong (on the same Hudson I have a all bunch of CI Maven hudson jobs
      which works correctly with fingerprints and SNAPSHOT versions)
      On jade2_ci jons fingerprint is:

      jade2_ci/be.mteam.jade2:jade2_client #32 4 hr 13 min old more details

      The whole fingerprints:Maven link process is not very clear and does not seems
      to be working correctly in every situation. Can anyone give some more
      informations(more that the web page http://jenkins-ci.org/fingerprint.html.
      Especially with Maen jobs where we can't disable this feature (this should be
      include to my opinion)

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