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Build gets stuck on Publish Over CIFS


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    • Windows Server 2012R2
      Jenkins v2.103
      Publish Over CIFS v0.6

      Since the latest Jenkins updates -

      1. Build get stuck when it starts a "Publish over CIFS" build step (I need to kill the Jenkins service to make it stop) - EDIT 2018-02-15 - This is fixed in v0.9 (JENKINS-49010)
      2. If I try to modify a job with a "Publish over CIFS" build step, the "CIFS Share" drop down list is empty even though the configuration looks fine under "Manage Jenkins" and I can successfully test those server entries -
        EDIT 2018-02-15 - This is still occurring in v0.9. 
        EDIT 2018-06-14 - This is fixed in LTS 2.107.3**

      I checked the error logs, but can't see any errors.

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          Matt Phillips
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          Chris Fraser
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          Chris Fraser
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          Chris Fraser

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