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Not updated test reports reported as error


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      Not updated test reports should not result in having the build marked as failed.

      In this case tests depend on source code being updated and are not run unless
      the test reports aren't up to date. If I make updates to other parts of my
      projects such as documentation or functional tests the build should not be
      marked as failed just because the unit tests weren't run.

      See example output below from a build triggered by a non-source code update to
      the project:

      [xUnit] Starting to record.
      [xUnit] [NUnit] - Use the embedded style sheet.
      [xUnit] [ERROR] - Test reports were found but none of them are new. Did tests
      For example, <.../job/BREEZE-MAIN/ws/tmp/build/xml/HirlamTest-debug.xml> is 3
      days 16 hr old

      [xUnit] Stopping recording.

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