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Using a milestone before an input will abort older build if there is a failure while the older build wait for a user input




      1. using a milestone before an input,
      2. and one (or more) of the build is waiting for user input,
      3. and a failure in another build happens,
      4. the builds waiting for input will abort older jobs.

      Duplication Steps

      1. Create a job with the following code:
        node {
         milestone label: 'test1', ordinal: 1
         input 'test'
         sh 'exit 1'
      2. Trigger two builds.
      3. Approve the newest job (#2) to continue.

      Current behavior

      The newer job (#2) will fail, the older job (#1) will be aborted and display Superseded by <jobname>#<build_num> which is pretty confusing.

      Expected behavior

      The newer job (#2) will fail, while the older job (#1) will wait for confirmation.


      Removing all milestone before the input seems to solve the issue.

      node {
       input 'test'
       sh 'exit 1'
       milestone label: 'test1', ordinal: 1

      Might be tangeantially related to JENKINS-41604

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