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Rebuild Commit


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      We need to be able to rebuild commits/builds.

      * On the build results page, one of the options in the left menu should be "Rebuild Commit" or "Try Again" or "Run Again". When I click that button, that build should re-run on the same commit and branch of the original build. Build number would still increment.

      • When I'm on a project's page, with the build history on the left, when I click the arrow to the right of a build name/number, and the action menu pops up, the same "Rebuild Commit"/"Try Again"/"Run Again" option should be available.

      We have one build per repository. Builds trigger whenever a change is pushed to any branch in a repository (e.g. our branch specifier is "origin/**"). When a build fails for a reason that has nothing to do with code in the repository (e.g. disk fills up, some external resource is temporarily down, etc.), the only way to re-build that branch is to make some change to the repository, usually adding/removing some whitespace. Most other build servers I've used (TeamCity and Appveyor) let you rebuild a commit.

      We do not use Jenkins pipelines, nor have any plans to do so.

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