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Highlight difficult to see after clicking on stage


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    • Blue Ocean 1.6 - beta 2

      Feedback from Gitter, rodrigc:

      for the circles displayed for each stage in the pipeline
      there are 4 colors
      1. green = a stage has completed successfully
      2. red = a stage has failed
      3. blue = a stage is in progress
      4 . dark grey highlighted circle = I clicked on the stage in UI

      for color 4., I would request that the visual clue that the stage has been selected be made more clear. When I have about 15 stages displayed on the screen, the dark grey highlight is difficult to see, so I can't easily tell which stage I have clicked on to select.

      I would suggest that the UI hints that this has been selected be improved slightly.

      Possibilities include:

        1.  Make the dark grey circle thicker

        2.  Make the dark grey circle a different color than grey

        3.  Maybe add an additional UI hint that the stage is selected, such as a small arrow pointing to the selected node.

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