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Jenkins builds mishandle parameters after git push notifyCommit


      We've encountered a problem after a notifyCommit.

      I have multiple parameterized Jenkins jobs all configured to checkout the same branch. Each has the same parameter name, different values.
      When we trigger it manually? Its perfectly fine. When its triggered by git push notify? Each of the jobs is started but the parameter is duplicated.


      TestJob1 checks out git (master) and has parameter FIZZLE=1.0

      TestJob2 checks out same git (master) and has parameter FIZZLE=2.0

      TestJob3 checks out same git (master) and has parameter FIZZLE=3.0

      When I do a git commit and 
      http://acs-jenkins.us.foo.com/git/notifyCommit/?url=ssh%3A%2F%2Falm.foo.com%3A2222%2Facs_service-engineering-central_7841%2Fgit-practice-area.git&branches=master&sha1=fec56ca369797d0dfda174b881686bad5cf6e8e0 HTTP/1.1
      All three jobs get triggered but Jenkins parameters show an array when

      you look at http://jenkins.foo.com/job/TestJob1|2|3/.... /parameters each job is triggered with all three params


      Our jenkins git plugin is up to-date (3.8.0). We've checked to see if someone else has reported it... Added log recorders. etc.

      Kinda hopin' someone has seen it. No one else has it seems....

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