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Jenkins won't start after upgrading workflow-cps plugin to 2.47


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    • Jenkins 2.114
      workflow-cps plugin 2.47 (upgraded from 2.46)

      Using workflow-cps version 2.46 and latest version of Jenkins (2.114) and all other installed plugins, everything works fine. After upgrading workflow-cps to 2.47 and restarting, Jenkins hangs on the "Please wait while Jenkins is getting ready to work" page. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, but no change. It usually starts up in less than two minutes.

      Our theme is also not applied, so it appears that the Simple Theme Plugin is not loaded by the time it hangs.

      Reverting workflow-cps to 2.46 manually gets it to start up fine.

      There doesn't appear to be anything interesting in the jenkins.log, and the jenkins.err.log doesn't appear to be present at all unless I'm looking in the wrong location.

      Any advice on where to look for further information?

            svanoort Sam Van Oort
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