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Blue Ocean: When step failed, the last step also marked failed



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    • Jenkins 2.117
      Pipeline latest versions at issue creation
      Blue Ocean 1.5.0
      Oracle Java 8u144
      SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3
      Chromium 64


      In Blue Ocean the last step is always marked failed when a different step has failed.
      The step that actually failed is a few steps earlier.

      I have deleteDir() at the very last in try-catch-finally on every parallel build node. This on order to clean up. It says this step has failed, even though it has not.
      "Recursively delete the current directory from the workspace"
      Blue Ocean has this step marked as failed.

      It is always the last step that fails, in addition to the actually failed step.
      If I remove deleteDir() it is the previous step that now is marked as failed.

      The steps that are executed after the actual failed step is within a finally clause of try-catch.


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            djviking Sverre Moe added a comment -

            This issue might be ralted to JENKINS-46551.

            djviking Sverre Moe added a comment - This issue might be ralted to JENKINS-46551 .


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