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EC2 Instance cap is not respected


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    • ec2-plugin
    • Jenkins version: 2.107.1
      ec2-plugin version: 1.39
      Java version: 8u151
      OS: Linux (4.4.0-1052-aws)
    • 1.45

      In Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Cloud -> Advanced, I set "Instance Cap" to 5

      I push changes to many branches (more than 5)

      In the sidebar, I see that more than 5 instances have been created.

      I expected that a maximum of 5 instances would be created.

      I am using EC2 spot instances in the ap-southeast-2 region. I have only one 'cloud' set up, and all the instances are building (different branches of) the same job.

      Please let me know if any other information would be helpful.

      (I see that this bug has been reported previously, but closed. Is this a regression? Am I doing something wrong?)

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