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Folders Plugin GitHub Scanning Time not being copied into the Jobs


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    • Cloudbees Folders Plugin 6.4
      Jenkins 2.114
      Ubuntu 14.04 w/ full updates

      The Folders Plugin is not replicating required information into the sub-jobs.

      The Folders plugin is used in a Multi-Configuration project for multiple related jobs. The job configuration is specified in the folder, and prints-thru into the individual job configurations. However, the github scan time is not replicating into the jobs, and is instead defaulting to an unacceptable 1-hour for unknown reasons. It is not possible to alter the individual job configurations to compensate for plugin defects, as there is no save button on the sub-jobs. Screenshots are attached of (a) an offending folder showing the requested 5-minute scan time, and (b) a typical folder sub-job showing the misconfiguration and defaulting to 1-hour instead of the 5-minutes specified in the folder.

      This error makes the jobs almost unusable for normal development purposes, as source scans only occur a few times per day. Critical error.

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