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Upload grail-plugin type zip and pom to nexus


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    • Jenkins 2.107.2
      Nexus Artifact uploader 2.10

      In Jenkins file I have:

      nexusArtifactUploader (
        artifacts: [
          [artifactId: "$\\{artifact}", classifier: '', file: 'pom.xml', type: 'pom'],
          [artifactId: "$\\{artifact}", classifier: '', file: "grails-$\\{artifact}-$\\{applicationVersion}.zip", type: 'zip']
        credentialsId: 'nexus',
        groupId: "${applicationGroup}",
        nexusUrl: "${nexusUrl}",
        nexusVersion: 'nexus3',
        protocol: 'https',
        repository: "repo-${(isSnapshot=='true')?'snapshots':'releases'}",
        version: "${applicationVersion}"

      Build log show only the message for zip artifact upload, but nothing for the pom.

      How can I upload zip and pom for the same SNAPSHOT release?

      I tried to change the artifact order and put file doesn't exists for the pom.xml, but nothing happen, nor errors in the log.

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