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Memory leak on Firefox and Chrome browser with open tab on jenkins big matrix jobs overview



      I have matrix jobs with 29 profil as Axis. After a first run the job page of this matrix job shows the big matrix configuration with all the possibilty of run. If we let the browser open on this page even without any run we can experience massiv leak memory.
      In order to reproduce:
      Run the config.xml job attach to this issue. Refresh the page in order to see the matrix scheme with all the possibility and obsever the memory use of the browser.
      You can find in attachment the memory use immediately after refresh and after only 1 minute open page wuthout any autorefresh.

      It consume over 1.5G in 5 minutes and so one. With an open tab some PC freeze because of the memory overuse.

      This issue happens on client side and not on server, it seems related to javascript issue. 

      Thanks for your investigation and help

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