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GSoC Phase 1 - Simple Pull request Job Project


    • GSoC Phase 1 - Simple Pull request Job Project


      End date: June 14th

      Goals and deadlines are defined in the design doc

      • Design a proper YAML format, using which users will be able to write specifications for the build
      • Implement basic steps support
        • git clone/checkout (basic wrapper for the Git Plugin)
        • user is able to select a node to run the job via YAML
        • call user script [...TBD..extend multi-branch]
          • Support sh() and batch() invocations
          • User selected the type of invocation (sh/batch/Jenkinsfile/etc)
          • User select where the file is located (we provide a default)
        • git push [to target]
        • harvest results and reports [and post in the PR]
          • junit()
          • findbugs()
          • archiveArtifacts()
      • Implement an interface to parse and get build specifications from YAML file.
      • Decide how to pass required build parameters to build process and implement it.
      • Implement the plugin prototype
      • Present the plugin prototype at office hours to the public
      • Write a blogpost with project introduction and the prototype overview/demo

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