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PC12.57/60 - Jenkins PC plugin: Unknown exception (false alarm) during run execution, which terminates the flow, but from PC side - the flow continues without errors


      Occurs in 40% of the cases.

      Didn't occur in 12.56 and earlier.

      First occur in 12.57.



      Jenkins console output:


      Run started (TestID: 2418, RunID: 8090, TimeslotID: 10948)


      Set HP_RUN_ID Env Variable to 8090

      RunID: 8090 - State = Initializing

      RunID: 8090 - State = Running

      Error: executeRequest exception: Failed to get project data for domain: DEFAULT, project: MQM. Verify the domain and project names are correct. Error code: 1105

      Error: Run could not start!

      Logout succeeded

      Empty Results

      Result Status (PC RunID: 8090): UNSTABLE




      PC event log: NO ERRORS



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