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I can't run testlink iterative build steps and generate report


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    • Testlink 1.9.17, Jenkins 2.107.3 Ubuntu 16.04


      I am using jenkins for automation and i recently discovered the testlink plugin. I followed the jenkins testlink tutorial of Bruno P. Kinoshita and César Fernandes de Almeida to integrate testlink in jenkins. I created a project in Testlink in witch i added a test plan and 2 tests cases. I created and configured a job in jenkins, selected invoke testlink and configure the require fields. I encountered 2 issues

      • when i add an iterative test build steps i get a failure message as you can see on the screen i attached  
      • the second problem i have is when it come to generate test report in jenkins in general. In the test result seeking strategies i tried to add the junit, testNg and TAP report, and i know that i am suppose to pass a xml file in order to get a report, but i dont know where to find that xml file. I assumed that jenkins is not generating it in my case. I tried to put the pom.xml instead but it did not work and now i am clueless 

      thanks for you time 


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