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Add support of JAXB unpackaging for Java 9+ in WAR Exploder


      As discussed in JENKINS-51821, Jenkins won't work on Java 11 due to removed JAXB modules. I propose the following approach:

      • Package 3 JAXB libs (jaxb-api-2.3.0.jar, jaxb-core-, jaxb-impl- to a WAR resource which does not get classloaded by default. E.g. "WEB-INF/platform-compat/java11" (or 9 ?)
      • When Jenkins starts up on Java 9+, Jenkins WAR exploder copies the libraries to "war/WEB-INF/lib" so that they get picked by classloader automatically

      It will allow to have a transparent support of Java 9..11 within the WAR file (without adding modules, etc.)

      A better way forward would be Multi-Version JAR, but we need a massive tooling update to support it

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