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Provide report filename as variable to Groovy parser


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    • jenkins 1.504 + warning plug-in 4.35
    • 5.0.0-beta3

      When using Warning plug-in for parsing several files like *.rpt I would like to be able to display the name of the file being scanned as a category or something else.

      is is possible to catch the filename of the file being scanned in the groovy script of the plugin configuration ?

      for instance :

      test1.rpt contains : "error 1 warning 3"

      test2.rpt contains : "error 10 warning 32"

      test3.rpt contains : "error 132 warning 33"

      And I would like to be able in the parser to catch these lines but including the filename that contains the line. is it something possible ?

      I'm in the case where I don't scan the console but several files.

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