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Unable to select supported WebDriver browsers


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    • sauce-ondemand-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.121.1
      Sauce OnDemand plugin 1.176

      We can no longer select any WebDriver browsers. The input field does not show any suggestions.

      In the browser (Chrome) console it prints the following error:

      select.js:8 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'firstChild' of undefined
       at updateListBox (select.js:8)
       at select.js:79
       at h (hudson-behavior.js:1304)
       at refillOnChange (hudson-behavior.js:1319)
       at select.js:77
       at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
       at behavior.js:111
       at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
       at behavior.js:107
       at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

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