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[API token] Manage Legacy API Token usage UX date since use labeling should be restructured


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    • Jenkins 2.130

      User Id User full name Token name Days since creation
      # of use
      Days since last use Fresh token? Recent token?
      jenkins Jenkins Account Legacy Token 0 155 0 ✅ 
      hudson Hudson Account Legacy Token 0 0 0 ⚠️ ⚠️ 
      other Account Legacy Token 1 173 0 ⚠️ ✅ 

      I've sent a PR to address the easy part of the text.

      But, the Days column is really confusing, in part because there's no distinction between tokens that were created before migration and tokens created today (some day, potentially long..., after migration)

      For the case where there hasn't been a use, e.g., hudson above, the answer should be Unknown or something similar. For the case where the token was used today, e.g., jenkins above.

      As is, both of those cases appear as "0", but they are very different and should not be rendered in the same manner.


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