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FileSystemListParameter: files not listed in Pipeline Job


      I have a Jenkins Pipeline like this:

      	[$class: 'FileSystemListParameterDefinition',  
      		name: 'fileName',
      		path: '/some/path/on/master/node', 
      		description: 'my file',
      		selectedType: 'FILE',
      		regexIncludePattern: '(.*?)\\.yml'
      node('master') {
       echo "hello world"

      Current behaviour:

      1. Click "Build with parameters"
      2. My files show up in the parameters dropdown
      3. Click "Build"
      4. Again, click "Build with parameters"
      5. The dropdown is empty
      6. Configure the job
      7. Change anything inside the job, e.g. change echo "hello world" to echo "hello mars"
      8. Save and again click "Build with parameter"
      9. My files show up in the parameters dropdown

      Expected behaviour:

      Same except step 5 where the dropdown should still contain the file list.

            mrmunch Steffen Becker
            mrmunch Steffen Becker
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