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Compiler Warnings publisher should expose missing parameters




      The publisher for warnings in the job-dsl-plugin only exposes some of the filtering parameters of the Warnings Plugin (includePattern, excludePattern), but not theĀ messagesPattern andĀ categoriesPattern settings.



          All options are supported by the Dynamic DSL:

          job(String name) {
            publishers {
              warnings {
                canComputeNew(boolean value)
                canResolveRelativePaths(boolean value)
                canRunOnFailed(boolean value)
                categoriesPattern(String value)
                consoleParsers {
                  consoleParser {
                    parserName(String value)
                defaultEncoding(String value)
                excludePattern(String value)
                failedNewAll(String value)
                failedNewHigh(String value)
                failedNewLow(String value)
                failedNewNormal(String value)
                failedTotalAll(String value)
                failedTotalHigh(String value)
                failedTotalLow(String value)
                failedTotalNormal(String value)
                healthy(String value)
                includePattern(String value)
                messagesPattern(String value)
                parserConfigurations {
                  parserConfiguration {
                    pattern(String value)
                    parserName(String value)
                shouldDetectModules(boolean value)
                thresholdLimit(String value)
                unHealthy(String value)
                unstableNewAll(String value)
                unstableNewHigh(String value)
                unstableNewLow(String value)
                unstableNewNormal(String value)
                unstableTotalAll(String value)
                unstableTotalHigh(String value)
                unstableTotalLow(String value)
                unstableTotalNormal(String value)
                useDeltaValues(boolean value)
                usePreviousBuildAsReference(boolean value)
                useStableBuildAsReference(boolean value)
          daspilker Daniel Spilker added a comment - All options are supported by the Dynamic DSL : job( String name) { publishers { warnings { canComputeNew( boolean value) canResolveRelativePaths( boolean value) canRunOnFailed( boolean value) categoriesPattern( String value) consoleParsers { consoleParser { parserName( String value) } } defaultEncoding( String value) excludePattern( String value) failedNewAll( String value) failedNewHigh( String value) failedNewLow( String value) failedNewNormal( String value) failedTotalAll( String value) failedTotalHigh( String value) failedTotalLow( String value) failedTotalNormal( String value) healthy( String value) includePattern( String value) messagesPattern( String value) parserConfigurations { parserConfiguration { pattern( String value) parserName( String value) } } shouldDetectModules( boolean value) thresholdLimit( String value) unHealthy( String value) unstableNewAll( String value) unstableNewHigh( String value) unstableNewLow( String value) unstableNewNormal( String value) unstableTotalAll( String value) unstableTotalHigh( String value) unstableTotalLow( String value) unstableTotalNormal( String value) useDeltaValues( boolean value) usePreviousBuildAsReference( boolean value) useStableBuildAsReference( boolean value) } } }


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