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Would a PR be accepted with a new "labelledShell" step, or an optional "label" argument to the "sh" step?


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    • workflow-durable-task-step 2.28

      The motivation for this comes from JENKINS-36933 and JENKINS-37324.

      I created a small plugin at https://github.com/vickychijwani/labelled-steps-plugin (see HOSTING-606) that works identically to the sh step but allows for a custom label by implementing argumentsToString(). Quick example:

      labelledShell label: 'Building the universe from scratch...', script: """
          echo "Sparking the Big Bang..."
          echo "Cosmic inflation begins..."
          # ...

      Would the maintainers of workflow-durable-task-step-plugin be willing to accept the labelledShell step into the existing plugin instead? Or even accept a patch to the sh step with an optional label argument? That way we could avoid having a separate plugin for what seems like highly-requested functionality. Please let me know, thanks.

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