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Intermittent Random Stage Failures - No Changes Detected - Parallel Stages


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      On a new Jenkins server, we're setting up new Jenkinsfiles from scratch.  We're using parallel stages, which seems like it might be a factor based on searches for related issues. 

      We have about 15 of these jobs with 4 parallel stages.  For about 1 in 10 jobs, a stage will randomly fail in 1 second or less.  If you hover over the stage it shows: 

      Failed to parse /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/MyOrg/jobs/Projects/jobs/myProject/builds/252/changelog3.xml

      If you click the Stage Log it says: 

      No changes for <my_scm_url> since the previous build`

      This can happen when the build is triggered by either of the following means:

      • From an upstream job
      • Manually by clicking "build now"


      Of note, we use SVN as our SCM with the following configuration:

      We use "Jenkinsfile from SCM", using URL like


      In the GUI, we do not configure SCM polling 

      In the Jenkinsfile, we configure SCM polling, every 2 minutes

      In the Jenkinsfile, we configure SCM checkout of 



      The reason I include our SVN/SCM backstory is because we're also seeing another anomaly related to SCM which might be relevant. . 

      For each SCM polling period, the Subversion Polling Log show approximately multiple entries all at the same timestamp.   These entries are some randomized mix of polling the two relevant URL's :




      Interestingly, we've figured something out about these duplicate "Subversion Polling Entries" . There is 1 entry checking


      for changes for each stage in the build for the ". So, if we have 1 "Checkout Stage", 1 "Parallel Stages" block, and 3 "Parallel Stages", we see 5 total "Subversion Polling Entries" for


      . Not sure if this is by design or not.






      We have the latest versions of all plugins. 

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