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Remove patched dom4j from Stapler


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      stapler-jelly currently depends on a patched version┬╣ of dom4j, the original of which was released thirteen years ago. Current releases support Java 8, etc.

      A simple

      diff --git a/jelly/pom.xml b/jelly/pom.xml
      index 8aa4ec8d7..725f2ba56 100644
      --- a/jelly/pom.xml
      +++ b/jelly/pom.xml
      @@ -32,9 +32,9 @@
      -      <groupId>org.jenkins-ci.dom4j</groupId>
      +      <groupId>org.dom4j</groupId>
      -      <version>1.6.1-jenkins-4</version>
      +      <version>2.1.1</version>
           <dependency><!-- only needed for annotations, hence optional -->

      does not work because of an API added to HtmlWriter used by Stapler's HTMLWriterOutput.

      To be done:

      • Write a unit test for HTMLWriterOutput demonstrating whatever it is supposed to do.
      • Replace the missing setEnabled call. Perhaps just use Proxy to make a ContentHandler that dynamically switches between XMLWriter and HTMLWriter. That obviates the need for this patch. Close this PR accordingly.
      • File an upstream PR for the static keyword addition from that patch.
      • Update to 2.1.1 or newer. PR should link to this.
      • File an upstream PR for this minor-looking improvement.
      • Determine if this patch is even useful. If so, it can be done via the official getOmitElementCloseSet + setOmitElementCloseSet API.
      • Forget about this patch since JENKINS-13709 is just one of many evil consequences of using maven-plugin.
      • Recheck JENKINS-46616 which I think is not an issue in current library releases.

      danielbeck is there some epic or label for issues proposing to switch from forked to official versions of libraries in Jenkins?

      ┬╣Using a different GA, no less. Noticed here: causes mayhem for plugins depending on the database plugin.

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