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Generate Complete Data before applying template


      The standalone loadrunner scenario (Not integrated with ALM, PC etc) is executed properly and the results are collated in the controller machine/slave machine properly. 

      However when the results are a bit of huge size the "Complete Data" is not generated before the custom analysis template is applied, which results in a invalid/corrupted HTML report.

      Is there anyway we can configure a timeout for the complete data generation, because waiting indefinitely for the complete data generation will become another issue.  

      So, I request the process to be, 

      1) Launch Analysis

      2) Trigger Complete Data Generation (current default behavior)

      3) wait for Complete data for less than the CDataGenerationTimeOut

      3.1) if timeout, cancel the Complete Data Generation

      4) Apply the default or custom template (if any)

      5) Export the HTML Report to workspace


      Extract from build.log

      Scenario run has startedScenario run has startedScenario R:/Projects/my_project/Scenario/2018/my_project1x_2x_Scenario2018.lrs ended after 1:15:45.


      Analyzing results...

      closing ControllerError: The Controller is still running...

      Controller closed

      calling analysis report generator

      executing Analysis launcher with arguments : "D:\jenkins\workspace\my_project\b6686a\LRR\LRR.lrr" "D:\jenkins\workspace\my_project\b6686a\LRA\LRA.lra" "D:\jenkins\workspace\my_project\b6686a\HTML\HTML.html" "C:\Program Files (x86)\HPE\LoadRunner\AnalysisTemplates\my_project_Template2\my_project_Template2.tem"

      time for analysis: 00::03:00:00

      starting analysis launcher

      creating analysis COM object

      creating analysis session

      analysis session created

      creating HTML reports

      HTML reports created

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