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choice parameter no longer supports choices in pipeline


    • 1.17

      Current releases of all plugins, notably Struct 1.16, result in the choice parameter no longer having a legal choices argument. https://github.com/jenkinsci/structs-plugin/pull/41 perhaps?

      Reproduce: docker run -p 8080:8080 jenkins/jenkins:2.138.1, install workflow-aggregator only, create a Pipeline and consult the Snippet Generator.

      Originally reported on IRC by ctcpme (siigna):

      [2018-10-05 07:58:19]  <ctcpme>		i just did an upgrade to 2.138.1, and updated plugins.  i'm getting an error "WorkflowScript: 80: Invalid parameter "choices", did you mean "name"?" with choice parameters in my pipelines.  like pipeline { parameters { choice(name: "test", choices: "1\n2", description: "test") } }.  anyone have a clue what could cause this?
      [2018-10-05 08:02:23]  <@danielbeck>		ctcpme are you on structs plugin 1.16?
      [2018-10-05 08:02:38]  <ctcpme>		yes
      [2018-10-05 08:03:51]  <@danielbeck>		ctcpme is there a way for you to ignore the error, if so, what happens?
      [2018-10-05 08:04:41]  <ctcpme>		i don't believe so.  i get a MultipleCompilationErrorsException and the job immediately fails.	 

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