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Jenkins falsely fails builds due to aggressive up-to-date check on junit artifacts


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      I'm getting this error at the end of a build in Hudson that should have been successful. I don't know why this age check is failing but I would be satisfied if I could simply disable the check.

      Archiving artifacts
      Recording test results
      Test reports were found but none of them are new. Did tests run?
      For example, /opt/hudson-workspace/workspace/project/target/test/reports/unittest/Ant suite/Ant test.xml is 3 min 13 sec old

      These files are, without question, up to date and generated only by the current built.

      Here are my questions:
      1: The comparison is between the date of the file and... what other thing? What do "new" and "old" mean in this context?
      2: How can I disable or deceive this comparison? It's completely unwanted and unnecessary.

      I know there was a bug for this in earlier versions of Hudson, but apparently the error message was the only thing changed.

      The problem still occurs in 1.341. As for the environment, these are RedHat Linux virtual machines, and the dates on the system are synchronized to within 1 second. I cannot understand why Hudson thinks these files are too old.

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