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Plot plugin configuration in pipeline script - run job on remote node - graph not shown


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    • plot-plugin
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    • Jenkins 2.138.1
      Plot plugin 2.1.0
      Jenkins server runs on Windows Server 2008
      Agent runs on Window 10


      We run JUnit automation using Jenkins Job pipline script. The automation is running on remote computer (agent) and updates csv file in D:/Jenkins/workspace. The file IS updated every run. The data format of the file 

      20181007 16:03,7.70,3.10
      20181007 16:12,7.69,2.99
      20181008 08:05,7.62,3.58
      20181008 08:13,7.72,3.62
      20181008 08:26,7.72,3.48

      In pipeline script we added the following plot configuration to the section that runs the test


      stage ('Test') {
       agent {node <remote node>}
       steps {
           //here we run scenario using maven - scv file updated
      post {
       plot csvFileName: 'plot-2e2a99a0-2354-42a5-a308-664cfedeac47.csv', 
       csvSeries: [[
       displayTableFlag: false, 
       exclusionValues: 'Date', 
       file: "../SpeedResults.csv", 
       inclusionFlag: 'EXCLUDE_BY_STRING', 
       url: '']], 
       group: 'InternetSpeedTestGroup', 
       numBuilds: '10', 
       style: 'line', 
       title: 'InternetSpeedTest', 
       yaxis: 'Speed(mbps)', 
       yaxisMaximum: '20'

      Plot is empty 

      What is wrong with the configuration? It's the first time we try to use plot-plugin, so need your help. Should something special be configured if the workspace is located on remote?

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