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Create year-round GSoC schedule


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      A year-round GSoC schedule would help direct efforts both outside and during the GSoC official timeline. For example, this "schedule" should associate a time of year to each one of these:

      • Org Admins
        • setup a regular meeting with mentors to check on progress and on the process
          • ensure mentors follow the mentor guidelines
          • make sure mentors have what they need
          • ensure all mentors are still engaged
        • setup regular (once per coding period? every other week?) meeting of all students and all mentors
        • ensure this "schedule" aligns with timeline published by Google at https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline
      • Mentor and project champion recruitment
        • period of the year when we actively search for mentors from various sources like SIGs and mailing list
      • Call for GSoC project proposals/mentors
        • period of year where we pro-actively seek for project proposals
        • pre-book SMEs, ask them to make a few hours per coding phase in their schedule (even more so if their SIG participates in GSoC)
        • Form mentor groups
      • Community bounding
        • have co-mentors agree on project general direction before talking to studentsĀ 
        • Explicitly state that design work needs to happen during this phase
        • Do pair coding to get student going
      • A schedule of communications to students and mentors
        • List of what mentors need to discuss with students (e.g. eligibility check such as CPT)
        • When to send deadline reminders
        • When to send expectation reminders
        • When to setup office hours
      • Post GSoC activities schedule
        • review and retrospective
        • keeping the student engaged by giving more responsibilities and more ownership
        • create epic of remaining work (perhaps do this at end of last coding phase)
        • create a path for students to become mentors, and see their project continue in next GSoC
      • Presence at Jenkins World Conferences
      • Swag shipping schedule
      • Personalized thank you letters to all participants schedule (at end of application period, at end of last coding period)

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