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Check each plugin included in Evergreen is supported/supportable


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      Problem statement

      Currently, we have been adding plugins pretty liberally to the essentials.yaml file. More worrying is that we hence pulled in a variety of plugin dependencies.
      Some are OK, some are probably less, and even some are probably ideally to be removed.

      We have no clear idea about the amount of plugins that are OK/not great/bad shipped in Evergreen instances.


      For instance, in the past we had the glaring issue, now fixed to include the maven-integration-plugin. We fixed it because it was an obvious plugin we wanted to never propose to users. Weaker signals we don't see right now.

      The trigger to this JIRA is the bitbucket plugin: though not an issue per-se, it was certainly never intended to be shipped. The current Evergreen developers never used, and cannot support bitbucket correctly (JENKINS-54383). Only GitHub was intended for now.


      Each plugin listed in essentials.yaml should have a clear track record as to why it was included. This is critical so that we can commit more deeply to support an always working distribution of Jenkins with every single component being verified and ready to be fixed if needed.

      We should track if this is a dependency of something else, and if this is acceptable (sometimes, things can/should just be asked to be made optional dependencies for instance).

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