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hudson.model.UsageStatistics not compatible with CasC plugin


    • 2.226

      When trying to configure Jenkins through CASC plugin, one desired feature is to enable / disable "Usage Statistics". Unfortunately, the hudson.model.UsageStatistics descriptor is lacking a @DataBoundSetter and just relies on the configure function to apply the appropriate configuration to the Jenkins instance.

      According to: https://github.com/jenkinsci/configuration-as-code-plugin/blob/master/docs/REQUIREMENTS.md, we need a boolean field with a getter and setter annotated with @DataBoundSetter so that we can configure it from within the CASC plugin. We would also have to modify the configure function according to the requirements of the CASC plugin, which should follow best-practices.

      I would like to contribute with this change if one of the Core Developers agree.

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