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Disable "Require branches to be up to date before merging" on Evergreen repo


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      Problem statement

      We enabled some time ago the fact that reviews were required.
      In the go, we also enabled the fact that the branch *must* be up-to-date.

      This makes sense in general, but is mostly a waste of time in our time, given we use the merge strategy, i.e. Jenkins will first merge the PR against master, then build it (showing up as pr-merge on the PR status check).

      I assume this GitHub settings makes sense for other CI systems or when Jenkins is only configured to build the so-called pr-head.


      We should only require reviews.
      We can allow not being up to date with master branch given we build pr-merge.

      to clarify, we need to uncheck the bolded line:

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            batmat Baptiste Mathus
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