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Gradle support for connectedAndroidTest


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    • Android Emulator 3.0
      Android build tools 28.0.3

      Currently I struggle to get the android emulator running in combination with gradle connectedAndroidTest 

      The tests are working if I start the emulator manually.

      Also in the log I see the emulator starts correctly, but I always get 

      Execution failed for task ':app:connectedDebugAndroidTest'.
      > com.android.builder.testing.api.DeviceException: No connected devices!

      After a while of digging around I found out that the reason is that gradle uses the standard port of the adb to check for emulators and not the newly started from the android emulator plugin.

      I checked using bash if ANDROID_SERIAL is correctly set (emulator-XXXX) and it is, but it seems connectedAndroidTest doesn't pickup the value and checks for that emulator.

      I wonder if anybody has a hint what to check or how other people using this plugin starting the

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