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HTML no longer is parsed in Build Pipeline view after core security update


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    • Jenkins 2.46 and newer
      Latest Build Pipeline plugin

      When trying to create HTML within a build pipeline view(through either parameters or descriptions etc.) the HTML is no longer parsed by the markup formatter

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a new Jenkins instance at least version 2.46
      • Install the build pipeline view plugin
      • Create 2 jobs(upstream and downstream)
      • Add a parameter to one of those jobs which has HTML(I used a string parameter)
      • Create a new build pipeline view to start with the upstream job
      • make sure you are displaying the parameters and variables within the view

      Observed behavior:
      The HTML code is not parsed correctly and it treats it as a literal string

      Expected behavior:
      The HTML code is parsed by the markup formatter and it appears as parsed HTML

      You can see with version 2.45 of Jenkins that the issue is not present and the HTML is parsed which means this security update is the cause. Additionally nowhere else within the instance is unable to parse this HTML code but on that view.

      HTML code I used:

      <header><title>This is title</title></header>
      <h1 style="background-color:MediumSeaGreen;">Hello world</h1>

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