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Unable to create nexus new repo through nexus artifact uploader Plugin


      By using nexus-artifact-uploader-plugin I am able to upload artifacts to existing custom repository in nexus but when I am trying to upload to new repository which is not there in nexus it is throwing error.


      stage ('upload artifact') {    

      steps {               

      nexusArtifactUploader artifacts: [

      [artifactId: 'test',                

      classifier: '', file: 'test.zip',

      type: 'zip']],              

        credentialsId: 'nexusid',            

          groupId: 'gitlfs',            

          nexusUrl: 'nexus_url',    

          nexusVersion: 'nexus3',        

      protocol: 'http',            

          repository: '<NEW_REPO>',    

                  version: "${params.version}"    

      } }


      NOTE: My requirement is to create new custom repository in nexus repository and upload artifacts to created repository through jenkins

      Thank you for your help

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