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Artifactory Plugin Pipeline Log Missing



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      We have the following Issue with the Artifactoy Jenkins plugin:


      Most of the time, the console log in Jenkins is incomplete. (not always!)

      As an example, we have multiple builds that fail, but we don’t see the relevant lines in the console log. That way our CI system is almost useless, as we can’t see what the actual problem is.


      E.g. these lines are missing in the output:


      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.plugin.compiler.CompilerMojo - -------------------------------------------------------------

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - BUILD FAILURE

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - Total time: 0.876 s

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - Finished at: 2019-01-08T12:07:19+01:00

      [main] INFO org.apache.maven.cli.event.ExecutionEventLogger - ------------------------------------------------------------------------

      [main] ERROR org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli - Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile (default-compile) on project wzu-hello-world: Compilation failure: Compilation failure:




      If we don’t use the Artifactory plugin in the pipeline (just sh(“mvn clean install”)) the log is always present.

      If we don’t use Pipelines the log is also present. (Manually created freestyle-job with Artifactory plugin)


      We are almost exclusively using Pipelines and most of the Jobs are using the Artifactory plugin. So we cannot just switch to freestyle or turn off Artifactory plugin.


      We are currently using Jenkins 2.150.1 (same Issue with 2.138.2) with Artifactory Plugin version 2.16.2. (we also tested with 3.0 – same issue)


      I attached the full list of all installed plugins.


      With this simple pipeline we can reproduce this issue:



      node('java') {

          def server = Artifactory.newServer url: "https://bin-i.sbb.ch", credentialsId: "bin-i.sbb.ch"

          def rtMaven = Artifactory.newMavenBuild()

          def buildInfo


          stage ('Clone')

      {         git url: 'ssh://git@code-i.sbb.ch:7999/wzud/demo-pipeline.git'         git branch: 'feature/failure'     }

          stage ('Artifactory configuration')

      {         rtMaven.tool = "Apache Maven 3.6" // Tool name from Jenkins configuration         rtMaven.deployer releaseRepo: 'wzu.mvn', snapshotRepo: 'wzu.mvn', server: server         rtMaven.resolver releaseRepo: 'mvn', snapshotRepo: 'mvn', server: server         buildInfo = Artifactory.newBuildInfo()     }


          stage ('Exec Maven')

      {         rtMaven.run pom: 'pom.xml', goals: 'clean install'     }


          stage ('Publish build info')

      {         server.publishBuildInfo buildInfo     }




      Do you have any explanation for this behavior or even better, any solutions?


      Best regards

      Pascal B



          ragnarsons Ragnar Hammarqvist added a comment -

          This bug is realy anoying. It hapes every time whe someting fails that is running in docker.

          ragnarsons Ragnar Hammarqvist added a comment - This bug is realy anoying. It hapes every time whe someting fails that is running in docker.


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