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ec2-plugin Wrong order of workers termination


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      Dear colleagues, we found issue when we're using ec2-plugin. Problem appears when aws spot instance (jenkins slave) is terminating because of "Idle termination timeout".
      EC2 plugin tries to first Cancel and Terminate AWS spot worker(slave) and after that remove node from Jenkins.

      AWS instance Cancel and Termination process takes longer period and during this time Jenkins can try to build any new job on this let's say "available" node. Job failed because node is already in terminating state within AWS.

      The better handling of node termination should be - put the node offline and after that cancel and remove it from aws.

      1. "put the node offline or disconnect" (I dont know exact method)
      2. ec2.cancelSpotInstanceRequests(...)
      3. ec2.terminateInstances(...)
      4. Jenkins.getInstance().removeNode(...)

      Please see attached job.log file where you can see end of failed job.

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