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Not able to connect to jenkins master from windows slave


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    • Jenkins Version: 2.150.1
      Master is running in Docker Container in DC/OS (Mesos) environment.
      web browser: chrome

      Hi Team,

      we are running jenkins master as docker container in DC/OS(mesos) environment.  we have two ports available for setting up the configuration. 

      container port 8080 is mapped to service port 29XXXfor jenkins.

      container port 50000 is mapped to service port  29XXX for jenkins-agent.

      I have configured the jenkins-agent port in manage Jenkins->Global Security->TCP port for JNLP agents. and also tried to give the default port and multiple random ports but while running the agent i get the error as port is not reachable.

      SEVERE: https://develop.qa.ampf.com/jenkins/ provided port:41172 is not reachable
      java.io.IOException: https://develop.qa.ampf.com/jenkins/ provided port:41172 is not reachable
      at org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.JnlpAgentEndpointResolver.resolve(JnlpAgentEndpointResolver.java:286)
      at hudson.remoting.Engine.innerRun(Engine.java:523)
      at hudson.remoting.Engine.run(Engine.java:474)
      Suppressed: java.io.IOException: http://develop.qa.ampf.com/jenkins/tcpSlaveAgentListener/ is invalid: 302 Found
      at org.jenkinsci.remoting.engine.JnlpAgentEndpointResolver.resolve(JnlpAgentEndpointResolver.java:201)
      ... 2 more


      Do i need to mention anything in the tunnel part?



      Mohit Saraf




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