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Missing ellipsis or other indication of abbreviation on artifacts shortlist


      If Jenkins abbreviates an artifact path on the main job page where it shows the artifacts summary, it should add an ellipsis to the start of the path to make it less confusing.

      e.g. if the real path is foo/bar/baz/bop/myfile.so, Jenkins may currently display "bop/myfile.so" in the abbreviated list, and in the full list may display just the path "foo/bar/baz/bop" to browse. Instead it should use the path "/bop/myfile.so" in the abbreviated list, and preferably tooltip-display the full path on hover over the file link.


      When displaying a job's results, the artifacts summary shown directly on the build results page under the "Build Artifacts" header collapses and hides common subdirectories. That is useful, but it's misleading because there's no indication the abbreviation was performed on the paths.

      So a user will see e.g.

      when viewing a job, then when they go to the /artifact/ page they'll see 



      Note that different paths were abbreviated at different depths in the first output. The true listing is

      {{$ unzip -L archive.zip }}
      Archive: archive.zip
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test.log }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kinkier/package-list.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kinkier/pg_controldata.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kinkier/pgbench.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kismet/package-list.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kismet/pg_controldata.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kismet/pgbench-init.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-bdr-simple/tpa-test/bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/kismet/pgbench.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test.log }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/killjoy/package-list.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/killjoy/pg_controldata.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/killjoy/pgbench.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/quahaug/package-list.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/quahaug/pg_controldata.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/quahaug/pgbench-init.txt }}
      {{ inflating: archive/tpa-camo-2x2/tpa-test/camo2x2/results/tpaexec-test/1548066249/quahaug/pgbench.txt }}

       It's quite a misleading abbreviated display really, since common prefix stripping would mean the bdr-simple/results/tpaexec-test.log path should be displayed as simply "tpaexec-test.log" instead. That would be less informative, but it'd be less confusing too.

      Well, that was a ridiculous amount of text about a single Unicode character.

      (Also, I used JIRA's own editor to pick "preformatted" in this weird markup, I have no idea why it's displaying raw {{ }} instead, but you get the idea)

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