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Demo and Test Automation for showing Jenkinsfile Runner on Java 11


      It would be great to have a demo which showcases Jenkinsfile Runner with Java 11.


      Acceptance criteria:

      • Pipeline: Some mock configuration, which demonstrates execution of a Pipeline with JDK11. E.g. building and testing a hello-world project. It may require Maven for real cases, but a more simple build with Javac could do the job
      • JAXB Plugin is included into the demo. It might be useful to run SLOCCount in the demo so that we can also use it as a smoke test
      • Makefile passes custom CPU and memory limitations to the container. Just to show how it can be done with Java 11 for Docker (cgroups). https://blog.docker.com/2018/04/improved-docker-container-integration-with-java-10/ 
      • There is a test automation so the the demo is used as a smoke test



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