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Parameters from properties file causes huge delay when the Build Actions ends.



    • Type: Bug
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      Jenkins 2.162 and 2.163
      Parameterized Trigger plugin 2.35.1 and 2.35.2
      Running on Windows 7, 64bit.
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      As I were attempting to work around this bug, I found out the bug can be triggered even if the file exists in the filesystem. I only found one really safe way to avoid the bug: Ensure not to use the Parameter from properties file option. The bug remains 10 to 15 minutes delay, at the end of the build job, either at the end of the build section or at the start of the post-build actions (Can not determine where).


      Working (but inflexible!) workaround:

      I'm currently using inject environment variables from the file, then using the conditional build step to perform a stringmatch on one of the injected variables, and if a match is found executing the Parameterized Trigger plugin but using the predefined strings option, rather than Parameter from properties file option.



      When using the  Parameterized Trigger plugin and using the option to include parameters from a file in a freestyle project (Perhaps also others?), a huge delay is in some cases introduced later on in the build sequence: At the transition from the Build section to the Post-Build Actions. On the two systems I've tested with, this delay is typically about 15 minutes, an rare cases down to about 10 minutes.

      My test job consists of three steps:

      1. The  Parameterized Trigger plugin, calling a sub-job and providing parameters from a file.
      2. A Windows batch command, executing: echo Last entry in the Build Actions.
      3. A post-build Groovy script, executing: manager.listener.logger.println("First entry in Post-build Actions");

      In order to track the timing, I have enabled to time-stamps in the build-log.

      A log output could be like this:

      15:12:05 Last entry in the Build Actions.
      15:26:08 First entry in Post-build Actions

      The error appear to be related to accessing the file in the file-system.

      My tests (see chart below) indicates that the "Don't trigger if file missing" must not be set, and the file must be present in the file-system for the build to execute correctly. All other cases introduces the delay.




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