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Jenkins GUI is slow -removing cookie fixes it (temporarily)


    • Jenkins 2.184

      The last few week/months all our Jenkins users experience very a very slow web GUI after some time. 


      • In a clean browser (no cache, cookies) Jenkins is very fast
      • After some time (workday - 8 hours of active Jenkins use), Jenkins GUI starts to slow down:
        Loading jobs takes 10+ seconds, loading of static resources are very long pending etc.
        Jenkins just isn't workable for users at that time.
      • Logging out + in again does not fix it for that user.
      • Removing the ACEGI_SECURITY_HASHED_REMEMBER_ME_COOKIE cookie fixes everything for that user and makes Jenkins blazing fast again.

       So, what happens with the ACEGI_SECURITY_HASHED_REMEMBER_ME_COOKIE? 
      Why does it cause the slowness after hours of use?


       SECURITY-901 / CVE-2019-1003004 in Jenkins 2.150.2 introduced a security fix, but with a side effect that after some time (hours) the Jenkins GUI for that user starts to slow down to a crawl.

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